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    MBR sewage treatment process of energy-saving sewage

    Process flow
    Raw water→grating →adjusting tank→lifting pump →biological reactor→Circulating pump→membrane component →disinfection device →intermediate water storage tank→intermediate water application system

    Instruction on MBR sewage treatment process
    The sewage enters regulating tank after grating and then enters biological reactor by lifting pump. The aerator is started for oxygenation by PLC controller. Water from biological reactor enters membrane separation and treatment unit by circulating pump. The concentrate water returns to regulating tank. Water of membrane separation enters intermediate water storage tank after fast mixing cholorination (chloros, chlorinated lime and Chlorine tablets). Back washing pump performs backwashing on membrane treatment equipment with water from cleaning tank and the backwashing sewage will return to regulating tank. Start and stop of the lifting pump is controlled by water level inside the biological reactor. Automatic or manual control of filtration operation and backwashing operation of membrane unit is available. If chemical cleaning is required for membrane unit, close water inlet valve and sewage circulating valve, open medical washing valve and medicine circulating valve. Start medicine liquid circulating pump to carry out chemical cleaning operation. Membrane treatment technology with MBR process features is applied for regeneration and utilization of waste water with following features:

    (1) It is capable of solid-liquid separation in an efficient manner to separate suspended substance, colloidal substance and microflora loss of biological unit with water. The separation process is simple with small floor area and good output water quality. Tertiary treatment is not necessary before recycling in general.
    (2) It can keep the biomass inside biological treatment unit at a high concentration degree which largely increase volume load. Besides, the high efficiency of membrane separation largely shortens residence time of water power in treatment unit and accordingly reduces floor area of the biological reactor.
    (3) It may prevent loss of all kinds of microflora and is better for growth of germs which is slow to grow, therefore it enables smooth metabolic process of various types in the system.
    (4) Make the hardly degradable macromolecule to stay longer which makes them easy to be decomposed.
    (5) Same as other filtration & separation technology, the membrane treatment technology has same problem. As a kind of filtration medium, it make be blocked during long-time operation process, water-through volume of the membrane will decrease with the running time goes on. Therefore effective back-washing and chemical cleaning may slow down membrane flux decreasing which main maintain effective service life of the MBR system.
    (6) MBR technology can be used in civil sewage treatment process. It is of simple process and easy operation and full-automatic running management is available.

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